EBS Koebner

EBS Koebner (EBS-K) is a generalized form of EBS, meaning that blisters occur anywhere on the surface of the skin in response to friction or trauma. Blisters are reported to occur more frequently during the summer months when the weather is hot and humid. EBS-K usually presents at birth or during infancy. Milia and scarring are uncommon in this subtype. There may be mild involvement of the mucous membranes, and eye involvement may rarely occur. Thickening of the skin on the palms and soles (keratoderma) may occur, and fingernails and toenails may become thickened and dystrophic (abnormal in appearance) with recurrent blistering.

Affected children do not typically have poor growth, anemia, or problems with the trachea/respiratory tract, intestines/gastrointestinal tract, eyes, or genitourinary tract. There is no increased risk of skin cancer.