Removing Adhesives

Tape, adhesives and adhesive bandages should not be used on EB skin. More mildly affected individuals may be able to tolerate some adhesive strips or bandages, but most cannot.

If tape or an adhesive bandage is applied in error, do not attempt to remove it. Pulling it off will cause injury and trauma and result in a blister or wound. Some people with EB have reported minimal or no damage when the adhesive is loosened with a non-irritating adhesive remover such as AllKare Adhesive Remover Wipes® (ConvaTec),  Uni-Solve Adhesive Remover Wipes (Smith & Nephew), or Apeel.®

Alternatively, generous application of an ointment such as Vaseline or Aquaphor will loosen the adhesive and facilitate removal. Baby oil has also been reported to be effective in adhesive removal.

Clothing or bandages that have adhered to a wound must be soaked off. Pulling off such a bandage will damage the wound and cause bleeding and pain. Often, soaking the bandage with water or applying a wet compress will be enough to remove a bandage that is stuck. If this is not effective, apply an ointment such as Vaseline or Aquaphor and allow it to absorb until the dressing softens and can be easily removed.