Shoes and Socks Recommendations

There is no one type of shoe that is best for people with EB, but these characteristics have been identified as essential:

The following footwear has been recommended for people with EB:

There are a variety of preferences for socks, depending on the type of EB and the amount of bandages worn underneath. Ensure that shoes are large and wide enough to accommodate socks and/or bandages without putting undue pressure on the foot. If bandages are worn on the feet, a thin sock or a trouser sock often is worn. Tights and pantyhose also are used. These help stabilize the bandages and are not too bulky.

Gel insoles are also beneficial to some. They can be refrigerated for added comfort and pain/itch relief.

For people with EB who do not wear bandages on their feet, thick, protective socks often are worn. These include: