Bath and Bathtubs

For newborns, it is easiest to prevent skin damage by following the aforementioned guidelines and providing sponge baths as needed. When you are ready to give your baby a bath, and depending on how delicate the skin is, you may choose to begin the bath with the dressings in place.

Rather than placing the baby in a conventional bathtub, you may choose to use a bathtub cushion. These are available for about $5 and will provide padding, slip resistance and comfort for parents and the baby. The Munchkin Safety Baby Bath Cradle features a safety dot that turns white when the water is too hot.

Leachco, Inc. makes products such as the Safer Bather Infant Bath Pad, the Bath 'N Bumper and the Tuckie Duckie to help keep babies safe and secure.

Bath time can be difficult for kids with EB. Wounds may be painful when exposed to air and water. Damage may occur to intact skin or to wounds during the bath. Parents usually are anxious and frightened. Medicating the baby with acetaminophen before the bath and dressing change will help control pain. Being well-prepared and having someone to help will make it less stressful.