Hand Care

If the fingers are not significantly blistered or eroded, lubricating the hand with Vaseline or Aquaphor and applying soft infant mittens seems to provide adequate protection. The fingers and toes of individuals with recessive dystrophic EB are at risk for webbing and curling.

During the immediate newborn period, it is almost impossible to individually wrap each finger without causing significant damage. Therefore, the focus should be on wrapping the hand (if needed) with the thumb out and separate from the rest of the hand. When wrapping the hand, it is helpful to add a small, well-lubricated ball of Vaseline gauze or other dressing in the palm. This ensures the fingers will not rub the palm when the baby makes a fist and will prevent fingertip blisters.

As the child gets older and begins to relax, and when the diagnosis is confirmed, wrapping the fingers individually may help prevent webbing.