Diapers often cause blistering and skin shearing around the thighs, on the sides where the diaper “leg” comes together and at the waist. Liberally apply Vaseline or Aquaphor to reduce friction.

Disposable diapers are preferred by many parents because they keep the urine away from wounds on the buttocks. Some disposable diapers have been reported to cause less damage than others because of their cloth-like softness:

Many parents cut the elastic off the legs of disposable diapers to prevent irritation, blistering and skin shearing. Some parents take fleece or a soft fabric and extend it through the leg and waist area to reduce friction. Others use Johnson & Johnson nursing pads, lubricate them with Vaseline or Aquaphor and use them as butt pads, hip pads, etc.

Cloth diapers and cloth diaper covers are preferred by some parents. Two brands that EB parents have used successfully are:

Mepilex Lite or Mepilex Transfer may be used to protect the skin, but this is costly, as the dressings will require changing if they get soiled.