Missing Skin

Many babies with EB are born with missing skin on the legs, feet, hands and/or wrists, although the problem may occur anywhere on the body. This condition is referred to by these names:

Gently cleanse these areas by irrigating with saline or soapy water (mild soap such as Dove). Rinse with clear water. Gently pat dry. Apply Mepitel dressing or Vaseline Gauze to cover the entire denuded area, but do not overlap the dressing, or the area will become too moist. You may choose to “butter” the Mepitel or Vaseline gauze with Polysporin before applying. Be sure not to coat the edges of the Mepitel dressing with ointment, or it will become too moist, preventing it from stabilizing over the wound. Wrap with conforming rolled gauze and secure with a tubular dressing retainer.

Do NOT use tape.

These areas remain delicate for extended periods of time, even after they have healed. Because they typically are on the feet of EB newborns, they are subject to trauma from kicking and movement. They may require protective wrapping for months or longer.