Skin Biopsy for EB

To perform the skin biopsy, the physician will use an anesthetic to first numb an area of skin. Then, the physician will take a small sample of skin for examination. Sometimes, two smaller samples may be taken. The skin samples must be processed for specific studies, immunofluorescence antigen (IFA) mapping and transmission electron microscopy (EM).

Immunofluorescence antigen mapping is performed to identify exactly where the blister has occurred and which proteins are involved (absent or diminished in amount). This is a specialized study that should be done by a pathologist in a laboratory that specializes in this procedure.

Examples of such laboratories include:

Beutner Labs, Inc.
3580 Harlem Road
Buffalo, NY 14215

Stanford Dermatopathology Service
Department of Pathology - H2110
Stanford Medical Center
300 Pasteur Drive
Stanford, CA 94305